Travis Scott Under Investigation for Breaking COVID-19 Restrictions With Recent Public Event

Travis Scott held a surprise event in Los Angeles earlier this week to mark the unveiling of a set of merchandise supporting Spike Jonze’s “Utopia in Dystopia” i-D cover. At McDonald’s in Downey, California, the event saw a sea of fans crowding around the rapper.

La Flame and his team are now being prosecuted for the meeting that caused a major disruption in West Hollywood, according to sources.

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Travis Scott obviously did not go through the process of obtaining a permit for the event from the Department of Public Works of Los Angeles, who are now taking a closer look to see if the meeting violated the restrictions on COVID-19. The DPW is now exploring future measures about possible fines for the unlawful non-essential case with the City Attorney’s office, which apparently disregarded social distancing efforts.

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Check out Travis Scott’s surprise event video below.


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