Bobby Shmurda Eligible for Release in February

Bobby Shmurda Eligible for Release in February

Bobby Shmurda Eligible for Release in February

Due to good conduct, Bobby Shmurda could be released from jail in February.

According to sources, the Time Allowance Committee (comprised of prison personnel but not the parole board) reviewed the “behavior and participation in prison programs” of the Brooklyn-raised rapper and determined that on February 23-10 months prior to his maximum sentence of December 11, he is eligible for conditional release.

However, Shmurda must not, until the 23rd, receive any more disciplinary steps. He will complete the remainder of his term on parole if he is given early release.

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The 26-year-old was originally refused parole in September 2020, and his repeated violations including smuggling in jail are suspected to be a factor in the decision of the parole board to refuse him early release.

“During his parole hearing, however, Shmurda said he didn’t ask or ask for the “sharpened metal object in a glove balloon” and that “someone just gave it to me, but I came in, like, they gave me the rules of the facility, like you’re going to need this just in case of this and that.

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” Calling Rikers Island “just a mad place,” he added, “I feel like I’m going to start trying to learn how to beat this and that.

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