An African Drowned In Kiev River [VIDEO]

An African In Kiev Drowned In Kiev River

An African Drowned In Kiev River

As you all know this is not the first time an African will step out to swim and not return.

A record number of people have drowned in Ukraine since the beginning of summer. Since the beginning of the month, 126 people have died on the water bodies of Ukraine. Of these, 28 are children.

In the past day alone, 13 people died on the water, of which one was a child. “In most cases, people die on the water due to their own negligence, therefore, going to water bodies, be extremely careful and responsible,”

According to a friend
“”he’s just three weeks in Ukraine
so unfortunate we lost another brother in Ukraine river, this has been going on for sometime now, please let all blacks be on alert, also let everyone stay off Ukraine rivers.

According to report he was drunk.
Let’s pray he would be found. 😭😭😭
Your life matters to everyone and family.
We haven’t confirmed that he’s dead but certainly he has not been found for about 12 hours now. It’s happening in Kyiv ukraine. “”
Let’s keep praying for him

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